Progress 18 May 2019

Just a few days short of a month since the PIR and worrisomely, as I write this, I don’t feel that things have progressed sufficiently. It is possibly a wake call and a reflection on how easily time can be lost and the initiative lost again.

So what are the main progress points and objectives that I have managed to achieve:

- I met with an influential person in parliament that was in a position to relate to the circumstances surrounding Gerhard’s death (name not mentioned to respect privacy).

- I met with my cousin, Trevor and his wife Felicity, visiting from South Africa and who in his university and early days of law was an activist during the apartheid years. Whilst meeting him was on a personal level, he was able to offer great insight and reflection on my opinions and attitudes.

- I have requested substantial information from the coroner and await feedback (the coroners office had warned that they are involved in a complex and time consuming case in this period and will be under time restrictions).

- I have visited the coroners office twice more to view photographic material of Gerhard’s body (the same photographs originally viewed but now as photograph prints rather than photocopy prints.

- I have undertaken further research of forensic organisations able to provide the service to properly interpret any forensic evidence

- I have made contact with one or two of the organisations but receive the same standard reply – solicitor contact only. (The coroner has declined a request from me to write in place of a solicitor

- I have applied to my own service provider for my own historical records over the days in which Gerhard went missing and was found deceased.

- I have followed up with information on Gerhard from the Police Services and NHS – official channels to obtain full information.

- I have requested and obtained limited history of Gerhard’s computer trails

- I have continued with my own private blogg to document the history of Gerhard’s Truth

- I have created a second blogg to support a Crowd Funding Campaign to raise funds to pay for solicitor and forensic costs.

The outcomes of this so far have been:

- To manage my opinions on police and coroner processes to ensure I remain realistic and not jump further ahead than I should be. (In many respects, this was introduced to me at the PIR by the coroner and now reinforced in both my meetings mentioned above)

- I am now entering a phase of real preparation and in many ways, a test of the sincerity of the “systems”. I have felt since the outset that there has been a block on information and a stubborn refusal to recognise some of the facts that may point to a different conclusion than what was determined at the scene. The coroner reinforced my standing as an Interested Person and promised full disclosure of information. The next week or two will be a telling point on the “genuineness” of this commitment.

- I am mostly ready to launch the crowd funding exercise and hope to do so within the next few days.

- My research thus far has positioned me well to prepare for the final phase of the Inquest process. It is now up to me to use the time available to obtain maximum effectiveness and preparedness.

- “Drift”, it is clear, is a formidable foe. I need to ensure my preparation avoids it and future discussions, consultations and at the Inquest, presentation remains in razor focus to avoid loss of emphasis on the points that matter.

- I have confirmed with the coroner that the Inquest will again be postponed but a day has not yet been confirmed. It is expected to not be sooner than September 2019 due to court availability.

On a more personal level, but effects everything I do with regards my ability to move forward with Gerhard’s investigation and maintain my commitment, I have progressed nicely, albeit a bit behind a schedule that I would have preferred to keep, on my start up business and a hospitality venture. Importantly, I have secured this week a contract job within my career experience that will secure an income in the short term. That will possibly delay the home business somewhat but allow for a far better financial foundation and be able to advance more effectively on the hospitality business.

Of course Bella and Lara remain my constant companions and have spent time with a good friends Karen and Jason, but I do feel the loneliness at home.

Objectives for the next two weeks:

- Push forward on information especially from the coroner

- Launch and ensure good progress with the Crowd Funding exercise

- Begin collating all my data and information into a more cohesive filing system to prepare for the Inquest