Gerhard's "would have been" 40th Birthday

9 April 2019: Just over 7 months since Gerhard died and the 9th April 2019 would have seen him celebrating his 40th Birthday.

Nandos was without question his favourite dish. To remember and celebrate his big day, I ordered a meal for one at Nando's Soho where we spent a number of afternoon lunches after a day out walking.

Nandos Double Chicken Breast, Salted Peri Chips with Perinaise Sauce and a side helping of Colslaw - Gerhard's Go to Favourite !

A visit to The Regents Park on Gerhard's birthday to remember him.

A walk through The Regents Park where I found Gerhard that day. A chill still in the air with Winter not letting go just yet. A short time alone to remember him and to commit to him. He was in my heart that day as he is every day. From there is was on to Soho for his special Nandos treat.

Entrance to Regent's Park where Gerhard lay that fateful day

Where Gerhard lay, in front of the tree on the left, more towards the hedge and his head in thick overgrowth area (this was grass last September), his feet at the hedge end and his feet facing the tree on the left. I sat at the base of the tree on the right after a while as the police site investigation team started their work.

Gerhard lay in front of the tree in the centre of the picture. Behind is the gate on Chester Road where the emergency services entered to take over and administer him; shortly after to pronouce him dead.